What I Do…

I am a Medium, Healer, Seer and a certified TFT practitioner. I have a heightened awareness of all 8 Clair Senses of Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear physical feeling) Clairsalience (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting), Clairempathy (emotional feeling), Clairtangency (clear touching), and Claircognizance (clear knowing).

My goal is to help you heal and find peace, that you may create the life you desire. During our session I may use any one, or all, of the following modalities to help achieve these goals: Mediumship, Card(s), Pendulum, Tapping (several different forms), and past life regression therapy, with Spirit as my guide. I also require you (the client) to be present during any reading, it feels disrespectful to Spirit to ask them to show up for you and you not be there to interact.

Before I begin every session I light a candle, burn sage and/or other clearing herbs/spices, and I ask Father/Mother G-d, The Holy Spirit, Me Higher Self, My Angels and Guides to clear away anything that is unlike love from my mind/body/spirit and the environment where the reading takes place.

Once that is done I welcome Father/Mother G-d, The Holy Spirit, My Angels and Guides, Souls who have passed from this realm into Love and Light, as well as any loving/kind souls that are between realms that wish to help, to use me as a vessel to communicate to the client what they need to hear. It may not be what you want to hear but it will be what you need to hear. I also ask Spirit not to show me anything that cannot be changed that may be perceived as “negative” to the client.

As a Medium, I can welcome Souls of your loved ones to come through and use me as a vessel to communicate with you, BUT, I cannot force them, like when they were in this realm, they still have free will. When they do come through it is not like a clear conversation between two people here in this realm….it is like bits and pieces of conversation one picks up in a room full of people, so keep that in mind as I attempt to get as clear as possible the message(s) I am to give to you. Think “jigsaw puzzle” 🙂

As an Empath, I pick up on the feelings and emotions of others….that is pretty self explanatory 😉

As a Healer, I am not a medical doctor and I cannot give medical advice or treatment. Rather, Spirit will at times lead me to focus on and send healing energy to certain areas of the body/mind to help you as an added modality to any medical treatment you may seek on your own. I may be lead to walk you through a tapping session to help things shift in your thinking/emotions/feelings to help release anything that is keeping you “stuck”.

As a Seer, I do get messages I am to pass on to others as I am lead, I am not a fortune teller. It is not an “on demand” ability. I cannot predict the future and give you the lottery numbers 😉

As your Partner in a Past Life Regression therapy session you will always be fully in charge of where you go! I am there as support to help you navigate the journey, to ask you questions and support you. For an additional fee, people who have a past life regression may also choose to follow that up with a session to cut cords and clean up unwanted emotional baggage they have carried into this life.

All online appointment are to be paid in advance of the appointment via either PayPal or Pay via Messenger. All online appointment readings are done through video messenger at this time. In person appointments are available for local clients. PLEASE NOTE, ALL TIMES ARE EST or EDT depending on the state of Daylight Savings at the time. (Same as New York time).

Services I offer:

Mediumship Readings

Oracle Card Readings


Past Life Regressions

Cord Cutting

Spiritual Guidance

I often implement a combination of all services in one appointment should Spirit direct me to do so, with the permission of the client.

All services are per hour, per person, unless a special offer is available prior to booking the appointment.

You can check out Jenna’s latest video (June 2022) on what to expect from a reading on the Scheduling Page!

Cord Cutting follow-ups for Past Life Regressions usually last half an hour.

I look forward to working with you on your healing journey