"The Soul Speaks... Suicide"

This tragic and riveting story of Jenna’s personal struggles with thoughts and plans of suicide, and how the loss and grief of suicide left a lasting impact on herself and her immediate family members.

“Do you know someone who’s committed suicide? Do you live with survivor’s guilt? Have you ever considered suicide yourself? I have many times. Have you ever had a plan to commit suicide? I have. Have you ever attempted suicide? Thankfully, I have not. Why do I say “thankfully”? Well, because I have learned that no one goes before their time. Since I am still here to write this, it wouldn’t have been my time, and it wouldn’t have worked.” ~Jenna Best

“As Jenna’s husband of 12 years in 2020, I can say this was a long time coming. So proud of her for putting this story out there for all to see.” ~Leland Best

This 40-page booklet is for the person struggling with thoughts of suicide, and those who have lost love ones.

Topics covered within her own story include:

  • Why Some People Might Attempt Suicide

  • Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt

  • Living with a Raging Lover

  • Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse or Loved One

  • Dealing with the Pain of Grief

  • Children and Suicide

AVAILABLE NOW in PDF, Paperback and Kindle!

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