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Jenna has a unique spiritual gift that allows her to receive messages from loved ones who have passed on from our world. Mediumship is a part of Jenna’s everyday life. The heart of Jenna’s practice is the ability to compassionately, and empathetically communicate with her clients and Spirit at the same time. Her readings are guided by the energy around her, which include her own experiences with spirits who have passed on, along with her personal understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms, and by her own guardian angels.

People seeking readings often consult a psychic/medium for comfort and healing as well as guidance in their personal lives. Those who have crossed-over into the spirit realm certainly don’t want to see the living left-behind in a state of grief, therefore spiritual readings with Jenna are often fun, humorous, and light-hearted whenever Spirit makes it possible, but readings can also become less comfortable, and feelings or emotions may come up when connecting with love ones. This kind of communication is validation they are always still with us.

When it comes to her readings, this is what Jenna has to say about what you can expect in a reading…

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