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Good morning. So I’m trying a new app, and this was supposed to also be going into my Facebook group, my Jenna Best Mediumship group, but I’m getting a notification that it says “All accept Facebook groups”. So, if you’re seeing this, and you are in that group, could you let me know in the chats, that would be great, but I’m just trying this out because it’s new to me, I’m technically challenged.

So my husband’s trying to help me figure this all out, but it allows me to… Good morning, okay, so it just says Facebook user, so are you looking at me in the group? And can you tell me who you are, if you want? Okay, so, karen, where are you seeing me from?

I mean, are you in the Facebook group or are you on the Facebook page or do you know?

And yeah, everything’s well, though I’m noticing, allergies are kicking my booty. Oh, hey Melissa. Okay. So you’re in the group. So it is streaming to the group, but what it’s doing is, is it doesn’t show your name or your, or your picture for privacy because it’s a private group. So I just as Facebook user, so I don’t necessarily know who it is.

Okay. So you’re watching me from Facebook and from my page must be, right? The business page. I’m guessing?

Okay. So I had another good morning from another Facebook user. So it must be someone in the group. So just know if you’re watching this from the group. I don’t know who you are because. It’s a private group. And so in the chat, it doesn’t give the names. So good morning, whoever you are. If you want to tell me who you are, that’s great, if not, that’s okay too.

But this allows me to stream in multiple social media outlets so I can stream in Facebook and obviously in my page, in, in the group I can stream on YouTube. And which it’s supposed to be doing. I don’t know if it is or not, and we’re going to hook up something else. So it can also scroll to an earning stream to Instagram as well, which will be helpful because then I don’t have to go from place to place doing it all over again.

Yeah. I’m sure you can see the names in the group because you’re in the group and you’re all in the group, but I’m saying this chat that I’m looking at, it’s going to be seen, in all of the all of the social media groups. So it won’t show who you are to the other places. Okay. Because it’s a private group.

So it’s just a feature to yeah. It’s just a feature to protect your identity in case you don’t want people to know you’re in that group because you know, some people think that what I do is kind of woo and they know their family thinks it’s kind of woo, woo. And. You can get some flack for saying, I believe that she talks to dead people, or I believe I talked to dead people.

I joke about this all the time. That for years I would get messages and I would tell people the holy spirit told me to tell you, and they’re fine with that. But if I come up to them and I say, oh, by the way, your uncle Joe wants me to let you know they’re not, so okay.

And other people are excited because they want to hear it. And so I have a question for those of you who are here, and I know there’s only a few of you here right now, but I have a question. If, how would you feel about a medium coming up to you in public and saying, I have a message for you. Would you be okay with that?

Or would you rather, they didn’t do that? I asked this a few years ago, because I do get that, you know what? Karen I’ll draw a card and we’ll do it specifically from your son, if you, if you want. Oh, I just got chills. So yeah, he’s here, but tell me his name again. Cause I’m not remembering what his name was.

Okay. You would be okay with that, Melissa. He’s definitely here. Karen, I’m getting all kinds of chills from him. So he wants to give you a postcard today. And when I asked that question before a couple years ago, 90% actually, no, probably like 98% of people said that they would, they would welcome it.

They would welcome a medium saying, Hey, I have a message for you randomly in public. I was surprised that there were a few and I was surprised by the ones that said, no, I wouldn’t want. But because I’ve heard that I have had a hard time sometimes when I get a message giving it to people, because I don’t know if they’re okay with it.

The other day I had somebody come through telling me, tell her Sheila said hello, and I wouldn’t do it because I’m like, she’s working. This may not be okay. And a lot of times when I have a message come through, the person will be in tears and they don’t necessarily need to do that at work. So, um, And Karen you’d be okay with the two.

Okay. Darren is his name. So let’s just do a postcard real quick. So father, mother, God, holy spirit, my higher self, my angels and my guides. All those was this mammy journey and Darren and Karen son. She would like a message from you today. And may it be a blessing to all of us? You see it? And maybe I’ll do another one too, but let’s see what Darren has to say.

Oh, for some reason, this blue woman is just popping out at me that he wants me to read this one. Okay. And it’s a celebrate life card. Okay. So this is the celebrate life postcard. I don’t know if you can see this or not. And uh, Karen, he must want you to sell it, start celebrating life. So are you, have you been feeling a little down lately and not doing some things that you normally would do?

I’m going to have a sip of my coffee here. Oh, by the way, we’re going to start doing Java with Jenna too.

Just to keep a little thing. We’re looking into dearest, wonderful you to help you manifest a life for the highest good. We invite you to examine your deepest desires. Imagine all your desires, no matter what kind like magic seed pods in a basket, glowing with infinite potential look closely at each one.

Are you afraid that some may bring you too much attention and invite negative reactions from. It’s changed too daunting. Are you afraid to stretch and grow? Let yourself be led forward. And the seeds of positive intention take to the wind, your desires count, and you are worthy of them. They are essential for co-creating your world.

Did you ever consider that when a desire comes from deep within you, it might be spirit moving you to create something beautiful to share with us. Some desires are infused with miraculous powers to move the heart and influence the world in ways you can’t possibly know. We know you and love you so deeply and are so happy to support you.

That’s an great card for you, Karen. I love that card and it’s funny. I got a little distracted cause Wayne Dyer popped into my head as I was reading that card about the whole inspiration. And if you look at it, inspiration spirit is right there. And so when you’re getting an inspiration, you can trust that’s from spirit and just move with it.

And so many times we think that it’s, it’s, um, just our own selfish desires. So you really need to look at it. And I heard the other day, somebody say, if you’re chasing after a dream and it’s not being fulfilled as, because it’s not your. And I thought about that a lot, because sometimes we do things that we think we’re supposed to do.

Like somebody else said, look, you’re really good at this, so you need to do this. And I know that’s happened with me many times. Oh, you should open a restaurant. You’re a really good cook. You should open a restaurant. Oh, you’re a good singer. You should, you should be performing. There’s a spent several different things.

People have thought I should be doing because they think I’m good at it, and, but it’s not my passion, it’s not, it’s not my passion. I mean, I do enjoy cooking for people. I do. I love seeing them really enjoying something that I’ve created for them to eat. I do, I do like that, but it’s not my passion.

And I don’t have a passion to cook for people anymore. For years. I did that because that was the way I showed my love and I enjoyed it, but I’m not so much there right now in my life. But I’ve always enjoyed being of service and I’ve always been attracted to spiritual things and I. Always loved hearing messages come to me and giving them to people and seeing and giving them peace.

So that, to me, I know for a fact, his spirit inspiring me to do those kinds of things. And there’s been times I’ve had a message and it has been stirring in me so bad. And I try not to say anything cause I don’t want to bother anybody. I don’t know if they want to hear it. And my body will literally be shaking until I finally say what I need to say.

And that’s pretty common. That’s pretty common for me.

And so Melissa, I’m seeing, I would love it. It would make my day, if someone came to me with a message. Okay, great, great. And I would too. I would love that. I would love that to happen. I haven’t ever had it happen, but I would love for that to happen and I have done it. And in fact, just the other day I was walking.

My husband had to run in and grab something. And I stepped in, cause I had spilled something on myself and I wanted to use their sink to clean my shirt off. It was a business and there was a woman there and she saw that I had my Bindi on which I haven’t put on yet today. And she started asking me about that.

And so I just told her, I said, well, I’m a psychic medium. And that helps me to remember that. I’m one with God and that everything I need is already inside of me. And that it’s easy for me to connect with spirit because I am spirit and we’re all connected. So, um, Karen, he’s definitely at peace. I I’ve shared this with you before that he. The struggles he had when he was here. He’s not having any more. He is definitely at peace. And he’s enjoying where he’s at. He still tries to communicate with you. Sometimes you miss it because you’re looking too hard for what you think the, the sign should be. And he says, I’m, I’m just, I’m just like I was, when I was there.

I’m going expect. And I’m not going to necessarily do what you want me to do. I’m going to do what I want to do. So I hope that makes sense to you. But so back to this woman, so I was explaining that to her and she, it was funny. She goes, oh, it’s so cool to meet another, which I’m a, which also now I don’t look at myself as a, which I never have, but I get it.

And I remember reading a. Meme that said, we’re the granddaughter of which is you could not burn. And I remember thinking that really resonated with me. And I said, I don’t understand this. Cause I don’t consider myself a witch. And then I could hear my grandmother and spirit saying to me, oh my darling, that’s what they called us.

When we practice the gifts that you’re walking in and it just spoke to me and it really, I loved it. It just, it really spoke to me. So. Having had that experience when she called me a, which I didn’t take offense to it. I understood where she was coming from. But then she shared with me that her grandmother is ill and was just diagnosed with cancer.

And immediately her grandfather came through to me. And so I told him. That I said, your grandfather is crossed over. Correct. And she said, yes. I said, cause he’s right here. And he’s showing me he’s opening his arms. So he will be there to welcome your grandmother. And it just gave her peace. And so I will do it.

I will give messages when it feels like I can, but I know that Spirit’s calling me to give messages many times when I don’t do it. And I’m still, still trying to navigate the. Confidence to know that it’s okay to do and that I am supposed to do it. And so it helps me to hear people tell me, yeah, they would, they would they would welcome it.

And I really shouldn’t let the two people that told me, you know, I don’t want to get a message, keep me from giving it to the many that said, oh, I would love to have a message, but you know, it’s sort of like if you get, you have to have 10. Good things said about you to override the one negative thing somebody may have said, have you ever heard of that?

It’s really as true. And I used to make the kids if they said something mean, well, thank you, Melissa. I used to tell my kids it’s so if they were mean to each other and they said something mean to each other, I would say, okay, you have to say 10, nice things about them. And I remember my son, who’s the youngest who figured a way to.

Pay the compliments, but it was all about him. Like he would say to one of the girls, you are so blessed, you have the coolest brother in the world and he would just start counting down and he would put himself these things. And those of you who know Noah would get that. That’s just his nature. That’s just who he is.

So for me too, Feel confident in that. I probably just need to step out in it and just do it more. And if someone tells me, you know what, I don’t want to hear that. I don’t believe in it then just that’s going to be, that has to be okay. And, and I do, I’ve had people who they’ve had somebody come through that that’s not who they wanted to hear from.

They were angry at them and they just didn’t want to hear from them. And that’s fine. So, okay, they’re there on the back burner, but I will let you know that a lot of times when somebody comes through that you don’t want to hear from that’s exactly who you need to hear from. And in fact, during readings, I tell you that I cannot guarantee that the person you want to come through will come through or that anyone will, but that I trust that spirit will give you what you need.

But this woman in particular, she did not want to hear. Her sister, she did not want to hear from her. And I respect that you don’t need to, you don’t have to, but if you will be open to it, that might be the healing that you need. So just food for thought. And I didn’t plan on staying out here a long time.

I just wanted to see how this worked. There’s a way to bring people on camera here. And I did it briefly with my husband this morning, and I don’t remember how he told me to do that now.

Is anybody out here? Would you be interested in it? Because if you would, I could get my husband to help me do that again. Anybody interested in coming on camera, knowing that it’s recorded and that it’s also being seen in groups that are outside of groups, the private group,

I don’t, I do not even see. Where he’s telling me where we had stopped before.

That’s so funny. He, this is some, this is some mental fog happening right here. Cause he literally just showed me how to do that a couple of minutes ago. And I’m already not seeing where I’m supposed to do that. So maybe I’m not meant to this morning.

By the way if any of you are interested in this platform using this platform, let me know, and I can send you a referral link.

Nope. I’m not seeing. Okay. And so none of you are saying that you would like to come on and that’s fine,

and I’m not seeing how to invite you anyways. So I’ll have to ask him again. How do you do that?

Oh, I switched it to dark mode. Do I like this?

Maybe I like this.

Okay. All right. So if anyone hasn’t, do you have any questions real quick before? Okay. So some Facebook user is on the road. I don’t know if that’s still Melissa or if it’s somebody else. Cause it says I have six people watching, so

Nope, no idea.

Okay. I thought it was you Melissa.

Okay, well, I’m going to sign off here now. I’m going to have to play with this some more. So my husband can walk me through where to invite people to come on camera when they’re ready and able to. So how do you guys, do you guys like this layout? Do you, do you like how this looks and how it interacts? Let me know in the comments and I can always look at them.

Oh, there’s the invite guest. I found it y’all okay. I found the invite guest link, but I’m not seeing anybody saying that they want to come on. So that’s okay. Other than the Alyssa who can’t, because she’s not available right now.

And Karen, he, he loves you too. And he says he understands that you miss him, but he’s still.

Okay. Well, thank you for who all watched. I don’t know who all is here, just as five people, and I don’t know who you are, but I thank you. And thank you for letting me play around with this for a minute and see if if I could even do it and how it worked.

So until next time I’m sending you all much love and much less.

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