Morning Musings and The Law of Attraction…

This morning, as I sit here in the quiet, drinking my cup of decaf, before the sun has come up. Bodhi is outside enjoying the hunt, and Bindhi is perched upon the shelf looking out at the river/back yard, Leland is getting some much needed sleep, I am at peace. This peace came as a result of finally knowing that the “Law of Attraction” teachings do nothing more than have us running around trying to control every thought we have, which is exhausting. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

How can it be?

For instance, the family who was about to lose their home, felt desperate and bought a lottery ticket. The energy they had was of fear and desperation so if the Law of Attraction was true their energy should have repelled any good fortune, yet they won the multimillion-dollar jackpot! Or the actress who KNEW she would not get the part, it was too big, “no way would I get it,” and yet she did and the show is a huge success! How many times have you heard someone say “I can’t believe I won! I never win!”?

Their belief “I never win” should have pushed the chances of them winning so far out of reach they couldn’t have won, yet they did! And the other side of the coin…. I deeply believed that husbands don’t cheat on a good wife. Yet that turned out not to be true. I believed if I married a man who was a “Christian” he wouldn’t cheat, yet he did. I believed that if you lived your life for God, being a good person “bad” things wouldn’t happen, that you’d be protected, yet bad things happened. So yeah, clearly this idea of “So you think so it shall be” has some pretty big flaws!

Put it to Rest.

You may wonder why I have peace in this moment if that is the case….Well, some of you may know I have questioned the whole Law of Attraction many times, it didn’t feel true to me. It was last night that sealed it for me when I heard this beautiful young actress sharing that she couldn’t believe that she won the part, so much so that she expected someone to say “oops, that email was meant for someone else”. She was thoroughly convinced the part was too big for her and she would never get it! Yet she did! In that moment I felt God speak to me “You can put that idea of Law of Attraction to rest. It isn’t true”…. at least not in the way it is taught by many.

When you Know you Know

Again, you may wonder why that gave me peace. Simply put, it is exhausting trying to control my every thought keeping every negative thought at bay! Especially in the times we are living in! The overwhelming feeling that came to me was peace! And an understanding, no, a “Knowing”, that we all have a destiny, but within that destiny, there is a lot of wiggle room!

There are things that are destined to happen in our lives. They cannot be changed because they are part of the big picture of what we came here to experience. Yet within the “wiggle room” we are able to make a LOT of choices that will affect our lives, for the good and the “bad”. It confirmed what I have believed for quite some time. We are here to experience unconditional love for ourselves amongst the chaos of the world. Where we come from is only love, therefore we cannot fully experience what unconditional love FEELS like because there is no opposite.

Allow Me to Clarify…

Let me be clear, I do believe that we feel better when we “look for the good” because of the chemicals that are released in our bodies. Therefore it is always a good idea to find reasons to feel joy rather than find reasons to be offended or angry. Of course, we are going to get angry in this human condition, it’s about acknowledging and letting it go as quickly as possible. Not making it our go-to reaction. Living in a state of anger does horrible things to our physical bodies, and causes us to make decisions that can bring more harm than good. So notice what makes you angry, and then ask The Universe “what do I need to do to change this situation?”

Trust the Universe

If you find there is something you can do then do it. If there is nothing you can do then trust that The Universe has it under control in ways we can’t see yet and let it go. Then find something to focus on that feels good, brings you joy, because the world can never have too many joyful people! As we learn to love ourselves, really love ourselves, that which is unlike love will be repelled and we will naturally attract good in our lives, that is the true Law of Attraction at work. And along the way, God will throw in good stuff to remind us we are loved even when we don’t feel loveable. It really is about loving ourselves, being happy where we are in this journey of life, and knowing everything is temporary except our spirit which is eternal and will one day return to Paradise.

Create Your Own Destiny.

But while we are here, remember we are co-creators with a loving Universe that wants to bless us, that knows nothing but love for us, and create a life full of love and joy! Appreciate the journey for what it is, an experience! And try to find as much joy as possible! If you’re going to focus on something it might as well be something good right?! Much love and light to you all.

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