Happy Sunday Morning!!

Happy Sunday Morning!!

The “Real Feel”

It’s early here on this very cold Sunday morning in Michigan! It currently is a “real feel” of 18 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s warmer than some days have been lately! So I am sitting here with my feet on a heating pad, a heating pad around my shoulders, and a blanket on my lap dreaming of being on a warm and sunny beach in Florida watching the waves coming in and out…..ah, yes, beautiful…

Okay, I guess I will get back to reality for now. But what is “reality”? I mean, isn’t that subjective on some level? Sure, there are some absolutes I am sure. But things that are true for me may not be true for others. This can be especially true for those of us who work with souls who’ve left their physical bodies. Like just this morning, as I was closing the door to our bedroom so that my hubby could get some more sleep after our feline fur babies insisted I get up, a soul decided it needed to be in the room with him. I thought it was one of the cats, though it seemed a little big for one of them. As I turned around and went back into the dining room there they both were eating their breakfast.

Now, this kind of thing isn’t unusual for me, so it is my reality. My husband on the other hand doesn’t have the same experiences, it’s not his “reality”. When he’s being adjusted by the chiropractor he doesn’t have a conversation with the doctor’s deceased grandmother, I do. Dinners out are different for us both, even though we are both sitting in the same restaurant and interacting with the same server we are experiencing different realities. He is there enjoying his meal and bantering with the servers, while I am lost in conversation with Spirit trying to figure out who they are and who the message is for! At stores, he is checking out and I am hearing messages like “tell her Sheila says hi!”. So, yeah, the reality is relative!

Our Varied Reality

But even among mediums, our realities are not always the same. It was a surprise to me to learn that some mediums don’t have all the “Clair” gifts. There are five, Clairvoyance, which is clear seeing, the ability to Spirit through your mind’s eye, or your third eye, and for some, they see Spirit as if they are standing right in front of them. I personally see through my mind’s eye and also see flashes of people/animals (as I described earlier) when closing the bedroom door. Clairaudience, clear hearing,  the ability to hear Spirit, is another one that I have, in fact, it is probably my strongest one, though Claircognizance is also right up there, that is clear knowing. I know things are going to happen before they do, and/or I know what has happened without anyone telling me, as well as having information to assist in issues without me having any practical knowledge of it! Then there is Clairsentience, a clear feeling, where we feel the pain and/or emotions of others, and can “read the room” so to speak. Many people are Clairsentient without realizing it. They may call it a “gut feeling” or their “intuition”. They may get chills seemingly out of nowhere but it might be that they are tuning in to someone’s energy without realizing it. I remember being a Walmart, (yes I shop there), and out of nowhere, I felt really dizzy! I was led to turn to my right and look towards the registers. Sure enough, there was a woman, down on her knees, in an episode of vertigo!

I have a new client, and before our session, I felt very lightheaded. Within moments of beginning the reading, it came out that she too had been dealing with horrible episodes of vertigo. It happened again before her next reading, too! Thankfully, by her third reading, I didn’t feel it. She shared with me that she had quit her job because she found out she was being poisoned and that was causing the dizziness. Interestingly enough, in her very first reading, I told her that I saw her changing jobs! During our second one, a change in jobs came up again! Spirit knew what she needed to feel better when the doctors couldn’t help her!

Anyway, I digress… Back to the Clairs…What number were we on? Oh, yes, we still need to do 4 and 5….

What’s That Smell?

Clairalience clear smelling. This one was very scary to me the first time it happened. I was in Meijer, with a friend doing some shopping (I am not an exclusive patron of Walmart 😉 . Out of the blue, I smelled and even tasted a strong chemical that took my breath away!  By the way, Clairgustance, clear taste, is the 5th Clair. Which was very strange considering we were in the office supply section of the store! I looked around in my alarm to see if everyone was okay, and to my surprise, no one else was reacting to it at all! I asked my friend “Don’t you smell that. taste it?!” Filled with confusion and fear, she looked at me like I was crazy! “Smell what? What are you talking about?”. I began to think I was going crazy!! I mean seriously, no one else was experiencing it yet it was very real to me! There’s that whole “reality is relative” again!

Since then it has happened many times, but thankfully it isn’t always an unpleasant taste or smell. Often times I will get the taste of a favorite food someone cooked or loved while they were still in this realm when I do readings. Though sometimes unpleasant smells and tastes do come through during a reading. The difference is I know it is coming from Spirit, unlike the random shopping experiences! Oh well, such is the life of a medium I guess. Ya know, now that I think about it, it’s kind of hard for me to pinpoint what my strongest gift is because I seem to flow through them all, sometimes one is stronger than another and the next time it will be a different one! In my ignorance, I thought this was the way it was for all psychic mediums but I have learned that is not the case. A dear friend and fellow medium, who is very gifted but doesn’t hear Spirit at all, she sees them very clearly!

Learning to work with all the Clairs has been a challenge for sure! But I am very grateful to be allowed to be of service to others using these gifts. When I see the look on someone’s face, when they know I’ve connected to their loved ones, and get a message that brings them healing, peace, and oftentimes joy, it is priceless and makes the challenges worth it! My heart’s desire truly is to be able to help as many people as possible heal from their grief, and/or traumas by using my spiritual gifts. I believe it is my purpose at this point in my life. Who knows, my purpose may change at some point so I will appreciate where I am now and look forward to the future, trusting that it really is true The Universe always has my highest good in mind!

And now I need to sign off and make some breakfast!

Until the next time, I send you all much love and light!

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