Just Released! – “The Soul Speaks… Suicide”

“Do you know someone who’s committed suicide? Do you live with survivor’s guilt? Have you ever considered suicide yourself? I have many times. Have you ever had a plan to commit suicide? I have. Have you ever attempted suicide? Thankfully, I have not. Why do I say “thankfully”? Well, because I have learned that no one goes before their time. Since I am still here to write this, it wouldn’t have been my time, and it wouldn’t have worked.”   ~Jenna Best

“As Jenna’s husband of 12 years in 2020, I can say this was a long time coming.  So proud of her for putting this story out there for all to see.”  ~Leland Best

This 40-page booklet is for the person struggling with thoughts of suicide, and those who have lost love ones.

Topics covered within her own story include:

  • Why Some People Might Attempt Suicide
  • Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt
  • Living with a Raging Lover
  • Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse or Loved One
  • Dealing with the Pain of Grief
  • Children and Suicide

This tragic and riveting story of Jenna’s personal struggles with thoughts and plans of suicide, and how the loss and grief of suicide left a lasting impact on herself and her immediate family members.

AVAILABLE NOW in PDF, Paperback and Coming Soon to Kindle!

What People are Saying about Jenna:

TLC’s Mama Medium, Jen Cancelmi says, “Jenna has great energy and was able to help me with great guidance! I feel blessed that our paths have crossed!”

Tammy Varner O’Brine says, “Had my first reading today. it was so spot on. I am so glad the spirit connected me with Jenna!! PHENOMENAL!!!!”

Melissa Thompson says, “Jenna is the absolute best!! She literally guided me through a conversation with my mom who has passed and she was so accurate, it was jaw-dropping! The smallest details of things that no one could possibly know….my mom’s dog Toto??? My niece’s birthstone?? This is so real. Thank you Jenna! This was exactly what I needed.”

Brad Szollose says, “When it comes to getting clear and letting go of stuck, trapped energy, I highly recommend you book a session with Jenna. She is exceptionally intuitive. I love her approach and you will as well”.

Jennifer Marie “The reading I had with Jenna was truly heartfelt and amazing. She knew things there is no way she could have ever known. She is truly blessed with a gift. I experienced such a beautiful reading because of her gift. I can’t thank Jenna enough! I Highly recommend having a reading. She will blow your mind…She is for real!”

About the Author: Jenna Larin Best is a highly sought after Spiritualist Medium & Guide, a Certified TFT Practitioner, a non-denominational clergy (UCC), the mother of three, grandmother to eight, who serves much of her time as a reader, writer, chef, and homemaker. Her loving-kindness and ability to heal others dealing with guilt, grief, fear, pain, and anxiety… all while managing her own spiritual and emotional battles, should be an inspiration to anyone who believes that life is too much to bear, especially to the point of considering suicide. This beautiful soul of a woman faces her own inner adversaries every day, yet she continues to pour out her amazing light and love for all the world to see.