Cord Cutting

Cord-cutting often follows a past life regression where we have found a carryover trauma from another lifetime that is causing problems for you now in your current incarnation. See the page on past life regression for more information on how that works.

However, cord-cutting can also be helpful for situations from this lifetime that are affecting your life in a negative way. This is especially true of past romantic relationships where you have been sexually intimate. When we are sexually intimate with someone we form a soul tie with them, “spiritual cords” so to speak. While it’s a popular belief nowadays that we can have causal “hook-ups” that mean nothing, “it’s fine if you’re both consenting adults”, the truth is there is no such thing as “casual sex” as far as Spirit is concerned.

And really, let’s look at it for a second…. Picture what happens when two people are having sex, you don’t need to get into details in your mind, just the basics. For a woman, she is literally taking the man inside her body, and a man is literally going inside of a woman’s body! That’s a big deal! The two really do “become one” during the act of sex. Now, add to it the emotional connection of “making love” when two people are in love having sex and you intensify those spiritual cords fusing together! That is why two people become more alike as time goes on in their relationship, knowing what the other is going to say before they say it, finishing each other’s sentences, feeling them enter a room before they ever see them, etc. When you’re in a happy relationship these spiritual bonds can be beautiful. But in an unhealthy relationship or when a relationship ends those bonds can wreak havoc in a person’s life.

She Didn’t Want This…

Whether from this lifetime or another, these soul ties or spiritual cords can show up in many negative ways. People take on other person’s addictions for example. A young college woman got involved with a man who was secretly addicted to cocaine. When she found out she broke up with him and didn’t look back. She didn’t want that kind of life for herself, she had big plans! So imagine her surprise when she, “out of the blue”, started to crave the drug! She began to think about it nonstop, and had to find a way to get her hands on it! Once she did her life took a downward turn fast and she ended up leaving school and moving back in with her parents. To her credit, she told her parents what was going on and asked for help! She didn’t want this kind of life and was wholly confused as to how she ended up in such a place in her life. Thankfully, she had a young pastor who had just been studying the effects of soul ties and how to break them. As crazy as it sounded she was willing to try anything to get her life back! They went through the process of cord-cutting and broke the soul ties and miraculously her cravings were gone and she never did cocaine again. You see, it wasn’t her addiction, it was his her soul took on when they “became one flesh” while being sexually intimate.

Other ways the soul ties/spiritual cords show up can be reoccurring nightmares, fears, and phobias with no basis in this lifetime, having a strong dislike for someone you’ve just met, or for food you’ve never tried, or an aversion to taking even the smallest risks, even staying in an abusive relationship when they know they should leave can be an example of something carried over from another lifetime or trauma from a former or current relationship.  I have a client who was in a very emotionally abusive relationship. She knew she should leave but fear kept her in it. We did a past life regression where she saw where the cord had been formed and did a follow-up cord-cutting. Three days later she left the abusive relationship and never looked back!

This may bring up some emotions…but you’re in control.

Most sessions can be done in 30 minutes if they are a follow-up to a past life regression. If they are a stand-alone it’s better to plan on an hour session so that we can get to the root of where it came from. If you are looking to clear cords from past relationships be sure to have the name(s), ages, years you were together, and any other significant information like experiences of abuse, handy for your appointment. If you are doing an online appointment, it is also important you schedule for a time when you know you won’t be disturbed and can be alone in a private room. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and can lay down or recline, making sure your camera is set up so that I can see you clearly, I will be monitoring you to see your body language and breathing. It’s important that you are in a comfortable position and keep your eyes closed, and let Spirit be your guide to exactly where you need to go in your mind’s eye. This may bring up some emotions at times during your session that you will need to work through in order to let go and heal the trauma. My job is to guide you and never let you stay in an emotion that is too intense, and help you to work through it as comfortably as possible, getting you to a place you feel peace, and sometimes even joy, before we end the session. Ultimately though, you are in control, and should you feel the emotions are more than you are ready to process you can always open your eyes and end the cord-cutting at any time.

Of course, there are no guarantees this will work for everyone. Some people are not ready to let go on some level and will not allow the cords to be cut. Some people have a hard time visualizing and that can make it more difficult, though not impossible if they are willing to be open to the process. Those who’ve done this procedure from a place of being ready, open, and able to visualize, have found freedom and strength. And it is an honor for me to be allowed to be a part of their healing journey.

Love and Light to you all