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Jenna Best – Spiritualist, Medium & Guide | Certified TFT Practioner

I am a Spiritualist, Medium and Guide with a passion for helping others to connect through self love and acceptance of all that they are, guiding them along the way to become all they desire. I use many techniques to help them on their personal journey, knowing I cannot walk it for them but I can walk with them and guide them as Spirit directs and allows.

I use my gifts as a Medium to help the client connect with love ones who have left their physical body. In doing so, many have found peace, comfort and joy after a loss of a family member or very close friend.

As a Certified TFT practitioner, I implement Tapping to help them release any blocks and/or thought processes that no longer serve them. Tapping is very similar to acupuncture without the needles and can be done remotely.

As a Past Life Regression Guide I help clients to discover other lives they have lived. In doing so they may find experiences and beliefs they have carried with them into their current life that are keeping them from living the life they desire. If during the Past Life Regression they discover something that needs to released, I guide them through a process I call “cord cutting”. This technique has proven to be very helpful for those who have experienced it.

When I say “Spiritual Guidance” I am referring to not only those who have crossed over, but also Father/Mother G-d, Grandfather Sky, Mother Earth, The Holy Spirit that dwells in all that is, as well as Angels and Guides; I simply transmit the information they give me to help the client on their journey. The information may not always be what they want to hear, but it is always what they need to hear.

If this type of process interests or resonates with you, and you would like to join my Facebook Group you are welcome to send a request.


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  1. Great seeing you with Pizi this evening! I would like some information about an appointment not sure if I’m booking yet. Thank you!

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