Spiritual Awakening With FasterEFT

My Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes people hang on to people for fear of hurting them. They can FEEL their own progress being stunted, and KNOW the right thing for themselves is to let go. Yet the old tapes of being programmed that other people come first and never hurt anyone at all cost is so deep that they just keep drinking the poison so to speak.

I have been that person, so many times. But recently, with the help of FasterEFT, I had a Spiritual awaking that is changing that. I was able to see that in everything in my life it has been a Spiritual journey, not the specifics, but the overall theme.

I came here this time around to experience loving myself unconditionally, to choose ME without guilt. In order to fully experience it, I had to also experience the opposite of that.

To experience the opposite of self-love I had to have experiences that would support that feeling. Before I came here (in this life) other souls and I agree to support each other in our goals. As such I have had many people who have hurt me very deeply….it was part of their journey to accomplish what they came here to experience (I am not judging that).

But now is the time to let that part of the experience go, and truly begin to experience fully what self-love FEELS like. Which means it is time to let go of the experience of self-hate and those who contribute to it in any way. I do this with love for each of them, grateful they helped me on my journey, and wish them success in what they came here for, hoping they fulfill it this time so they don’t have to do a repeat performance in another life.

I do this knowing it is for my highest good, what my life purpose is all about. Trusting that NOTHING that is for my highest good is truly harmful to another. Anything that is for my highest good is also for the highest good of another.
I truly wish I would have had this awakening earlier in my life. I know Spirit was trying to show me earlier, I just failed to listen, not trusting myself enough. I am now choosing to listen to my own inner guidance and living my life in the ways I feel the most peaceful, content and joyous…that can only be good for all those around me!

Much thanks and love to Robert G. Smith, Robert Smith “Faster EFT”, Tina Muheim, Lalita Mohini, and Greg Dwyer